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LG G2′s Knock feature to be on future LG devices

4 months ago 16

The LG G2 debuted with a feature called Knock, previously known as KnockON. Since the power button is on the back of the device, this feature was created to easily turn it on without lifting it. You knock on the display twice and it will turn on, simple as that.

The feature has made its way to other devices, like the LG G Flex and the G Pad 8.3 tablet, but LG has now announced that the feature will be standard on key mobile devices. The company also announced that the feature will be coming to the L Series II devices through an update in January.

We’re curious if people actually use the Knock feature on current devices. What are your thoughts on this Knock feature? Have you used it? Is it useful or functional? Tell us in the comments!