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LG-V510 tipped as tablet with Nexus branding

LG Optimus F3 (Resized)

Ever heard of a tablet with the model number LG-V510? Us neither, but if a new leak is to be believed, it’s definitely an identifier that you’ll want to keep on your radar. According to @evleaks, the LG-V510 is a tablet device that is an upcoming Google Nexus product. An image shared by the prolific leakster shows a database entry containing both the model number “LGV510″ as well as a Buyer listing that reads “USG/GOOGLE_OPEN_16G (UNITED STATES).”


So what exactly is the LG-V510? Unfortunately, much of the device’s true identity is shrouded in a thick, Android-green fog. The V510 was spotted getting its Bluetooth SIG certification back in October, and at that time it was suggested that it could be a variant of the LG G Pad 8.3, which launched a few months ago with the model number LG-V500. However, we’ve yet to see any concrete evidence to support that theory. The news that the V510 may be a new Nexus tablet is definitely enough to get our ears to perk up, though, and you can bet that that model number is one that we’ll be keeping an eye out for in the coming weeks.

Via: Blog of Mobile!!
Source: @evleaks, Bluetooth SIG

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