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LG’s octa core ODIN processor gets benchamrked while underclocked


Seemingly not content, LG seems to be developing its own processor, much like Samsung’s Exynos processors. Called ODIN, this new processor was benchmarked with Antutu and spotted on the website. Unfortunately, the benchmark won’t tell us exactly how powerful it’ll be when it launches.

LG Odin processor benchmark

The benchmark doesn’t look good for LG’s new processor, because it was set to a maximum clock of 1GHz. It’s doubtful that the final processor will be clocked so low, because most processors are clocked to 1.6GHz and up these days. Plus, at only 1GHz, it doesn’t come close to the Snapdragon 800. We won’t know how strong this thing is until benchmarks are run on the fully clocked final hardware, but it should give us a decent indication of where LG is headed.

However, benchmarks don’t really mean much in terms of daily usability. A device can benchmark low but still be very fast. So don’t take these numbers as gospel, because there is so much more to a processor than the numbers it generates in an app. Hopefully we will see this new processor in the LG G3, which would be a great way for LG to debut it. Are you excited to see what LG has up its sleeve?

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