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Newest rumors say Galaxy S5 will feature iris scanner, 2560×1440 display


The time for speculating about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is starting, and the first rumors to come are pretty damn crazy. ZDNet Korea says that the Galaxy S5 will feature an iris scanner for security. It will scan your eye to verify your identity, taking facial recognition and fingerprint scanning just another step further.

It’s hard to imagine this kind of thing being legitimate, mostly due to the fact that it’s never been done before. However, we can’t say for certain that it’s fake. Some more believable rumors include a QHD+ display (2560×1440), a 16MP camera (with possibly no optical image stabilization) and a metal construction.

The Galaxy S5 is going to be a beast of a phone if Samsung’s past indicates anything. An iris scanner is very unlikely, and even if it happens, there is a big chance it’ll just plain suck. But who knows, Samsung may surprise us all. What are your thoughts on these rumors?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: ZDNet Korea

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