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Nokia ‘Normandy’ said to be low-cost handset running custom version of Android


Are you one of the many smartphone lovers that’ve wished for a Nokia Android device at one time or another? If so, you may want to take a seat and hide your wallet, because you may try to throw it at your screen once you’re done reading this latest rumor.

According to a new report from The Verge, Nokia is currently cooking up a device codenamed “Normandy” that runs a customized version of Android, similar to what Amazon uses for its Kindle Fire tablets. The Normandy can reportedly run several top apps, including Skype, and an image of the device shared by @evleaks shows that the hardware is very Lumia-esque, save for a lone back button at the bottom of its face.

The purpose of the Normandy is reportedly to give Nokia a new low-cost device to sell that’s similar to its Asha line, but is capable of running full-on smartphone apps. One tipster claims that work on the Normandy is “full steam ahead” and that Nokia employees have been told to expect the Normandy launch to go down in 2014.

So will the dream of a Nokia-made Android phone be realized in 2014? That much is still up in the air, as Microsoft has already agreed to acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services division. That deal has already been green-lit by the Department of Justice, European Commission and Nokia’s shareholders, and so far it looks like could very well reach completion in early 2014 like Microsoft expects it to. Nokia would have to get the Normandy out the door pretty quickly in order to beat the Microsoft transaction’s closing, but hey, we’ve certainly seen some strange things happen in mobile in the past.

What do you make of this Nokia Normandy rumor? Would you buy a low-cost Nokia device running a custom version of Android?

Via: @evleaks

Source: The Verge

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