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Prepaid Verizon Moto G seen for only $100 at Best Buy

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The Moto G is not only an amazing device for the price, it’s a damn good device in general. And at only $180 off contract, it’s incredibly cheap and even undercuts many on contract devices. The best application for such a device in the United States is the prepaid market, and Verizon has said that it will carry the device.

Verizon Moto G Best Buy

Someone has already spotted the device at a Best Buy in retail packaging, anti-theft puck and everything. But amazingly enough, Verizon has subsidized this device quite a bit. It is going for only $99.99 off contract, making this device easily available to almost anyone. Plus, you won’t get a terrible experience with it like other cheap phones would provide.

According to an internal document, Best Buy isn’t supposed to start selling the Verizon Moto G until January 9th, so you most likely won’t see in at your local store. Hopefully the price will remain the same when it starts selling, because such a low price is quite amazing. We know quite a few people have already purchased a Moto G, so tell us, how are you liking it? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police, Droid-Life

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