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Samsung could soon release a set of AMOLED tablets


Samsung has only released one tablet with an AMOLED display, the fairly unknown Galaxy Tab 7.7. It was the first large AMOLED display Samsung put into a tablet for mass production, and it was a damn good display. Many people prefer AMOLED over LCD, so why aren’t there more AMOLED tablets?

Fortunately, rumors claim that Samsung will return to building tablets with AMOLED displays very soon, even as early as the time of the Galaxy S5 launch. Korean media says that there will be both an 8-inch and a 10-inch tablet with an AMOLED display, and both will be high end tablets. Samsung’s more budget tablets will retain their LCD displays.

Personally, I’m very excited to see the quality of these displays. AMOLED technology has matured so much, and it seems like the right time for the technology to make a return to tablets. I’m a big fan of AMOLED displays, if you can’t tell. Are you excited to see the AMOLED tablet make a return?

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Source: Naver

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