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Samsung may finally take build quality concerns seriously, metal bodies for Galaxy S5 incoming

3 years ago 31

Samsung’s biggest issue, according to tech enthusiasts around the world, is the plastic it uses to build all of its devices. Many say that it feels cheap and slimy, lacking any sort of substance. Those claims definitely make sense, especially the slimy one. One the other hand, the plastic made for a durable and lightweight phone, which Samsung could very easily mass produce to satisfy crazy sales.

Samsung’s latest devices, including the Galaxy Note 3, feature a faux leather back. It’s plastic, but feels like leather and even has stitching around the edges. It may be tacky to some, but it greatly improves the build quality of the device to not have slimy plastic on the back. However, the latest trend started by HTC is metal, and it looks like Samsung is planning to adopt it.

According to a report by Taiwanese media, Samsung has found a supplier for the metal housings that the company will use for the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone. This company, Catcher, will begin supplying a rumored 10 to 30 million housings this month. The rest will reportedly be supplied by BYD and Ju Teng.

This is all still rumor, but it looks like there is a good chance that Samsung will actually build their next flagship phone out of metal, at least to an extent. Now they just need to confirm optical image stabilization in the Galaxy S5′s camera. What do you think of Samsung switching to metal construction? Are you more likely to buy one of their phones, or do you like the plastic they use now? Leave your thoughts in a comment!