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Samsung rumored to release a Galaxy Note 3 Lite next year at MWC


So far, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of devices has been purely high-end. The smartphones have been cutting edge, using some of the newest technology and often outclassing the Galaxy S line. This meant that those who didn’t care for specs or didn’t have the money for a really expensive phone couldn’t have a taste of that wonderful S Pen technology. But that may change early next year.

SamMobile claims they have confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Note 3 Lite SM-N7505, which should be unveiled at MWC 2014 in February. Though none of the specs are known, it may have an LCD display instead of the Super AMOLED and feature a lower end processor and an 8MP camera, like older rumors suggested. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be smaller than 5.5-inches.

This will finally bring S Pen goodness and a large phone to those who can’t afford a full-sized Note, which is great. Hopefully it will come to the US, and maybe a carrier will pick it up a bit late like they do with the Galaxy S mini devices. Would you buy a Galaxy Note 3 Lite, or should the Note line stay exclusively high-end?

Source: SamMobile

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