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Samsung working on first custom processor to be shown off at CES


Samsung has been making its own processors for quite a while, and until recently, destroying the competition. I remember how blazing fast the first Exynos dual core processor was. But with Qualcomm stepping its game up, Samsung has some serious competition.

The Exynos processors are based on ARM architecture, while Qualcomm processors are based on a custom architecture. To compete, Samsung is now building a custom processor that will be fully compatible with the ARM instruction set, so it is not limited by the standard architecture but will work like any other processor. To add to that, it will be 64-bit. This processor will be called the Exynos S.

While there are no technical specifications for this unreleased processor, it will reportedly be 1.43 times faster than the Snapdragon 800. We’re not sure how this will compare to the Snapdragon 805 or newer processors, but hopefully it’ll bring Samsung back into the processor game stronger than ever. As long as the finished system-on-a-chip has LTE, I’m down for it.

We might see this new chip, along with the standard ARM-based Exynos 6 (also 64-bit), at CES this January. We’re excited to see what Samsung has to offer, as long as the chips suits modern needs like LTE. What do you think of Samsung making its own processor? Are you willing to switch to Exynos, or do you prefer Snapdragon? Leave a comment!

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