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Though HTC is still down on revenue, it’s ever so slowly improving


We all know that HTC is in a bit of trouble. The company used to be the king of Android back in the day, and now it’s struggling with finances and the recent departure of some staff. However, things seem to be getting better, even if the progress is incredibly slow.

HTC has released its financial details, and the numbers show that the company had $522 million in revenue, which is actually 3.2% higher than what it had in October. We’re glad to see some sort of improvement, even if it is tiny.

However, year over year, things aren’t looking so great. Compared to November of last year, HTC’s revenue is down 27.1%. That’s a big drop for a company that rose so quickly, though it’s obvious that HTC is trying very hard to get back to the top.

Are you a fan of HTC? Do you think they have a chance at getting back to where they were? Or does this seem like the final nail in the coffin (I had to!)? Tell us what you think and your hopes for the future of HTC!

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Source: @HTCUSA

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