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VSCO Cam for Android officially arrives in Google Play


Love to snap photos with your Android smartphone? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that you’ve now got a new tool to add to your photography app arsenal. VSCO Cam for Android officially launched in the Google Play Store today, bringing with it a number of filters and tools to help users tweak their images. The app features a similar look and feel to its iOS counterpart, complete with a minimalist design and button set.

VSCO Cam for Android is a free app that comes with a limited number of preset filters and photo-editing tools. Additional filters are available as in-app purchases. In addition to the app’s capturing and editing capabilities, VSCO Cam for Android includes support for VSCO Grid, a network that gives users a place to share their images with the rest of the VSCO Cam community. VSCO Cam for Android is available now as a 14MB download that’s compatible with “most” devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

Obviously not every Android user is big into taking and editing photos on the go, and even among those that are, VSCO Cam for Android and its minimalist user interface may not be able to replace some existing apps. Still, it’s good to see another high-profile iOS app making the jump to Android, especially since this version appears to be pretty similar to the app that’s available to the Apple camp. If you’re at all interested in taking photos with your phone and then tweaking them with filters and tools, you may want to mosey on down to the link below and give VSCO Cam for Android a go.

Source: Google Play: VSCO Cam for Android

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