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Phone manufacturers need to focus on basics, then add bells and whistles

Galaxy Nexus Battery

Every now and then single day, the rumor mill comes out with some crazy new report claiming that the next big device will pack some sort of crazy feature like a laser keyboard or a design that allows you to wrap it around your wrist and turn it into a giant smartwatch. Do any of these actually come to life? On occasion, yes, some of them do make it into the final product. But do we really need them?

Think of the eternal complaints people have about devices. With nearly every device, people wish that the battery would last longer than just a few hours. But on the bright side, you have a huge host of gimmicky features that you’ll never really use. That makes up for it, right?

Or maybe you’re finding that it’s a real hassle to navigate the software of your phone. But hey, you can muddle through that ridiculous software on a big, beautiful display with so many pixels that your eyes couldn’t ever hope to discern them from one another. That feature offsets any negativity, yes?

Wrong. Gimmicky features aren’t going to distract from the glaring oversights of key aspects on the phone. Let’s be blunt here, the vast majority of consumers would rather have a couple days of battery life than some ridiculous gestures or software tricks. Those things aren’t necessary to how we use the phone. In fact, the battery is the most important part of the phone. Without it, none of the other features on the phone are going to work.

The same goes for poor software. What good is a gorgeous screen if the software is too complex or just plain ugly? The manufacturer should have spent more time honing the software to perfection and gone down to a more reasonable screen resolution, such as 720p, that still looks excellent. In reality, the differences between 720p, 1080p and even 1440p resolutions are minimal and a person can easily adapt to any of them.

Manufacturers really need to focus on the basics and core features of a phone before adding bells and whistles. Ultimately, that’s going to sell more devices. While some of the gimmicks sound really interesting and fun, they’re generally not too practical. Rather than focusing on them, manufacturers should do things like add bigger batteries or create software that’s fluid and natural to use. Those are things that add practicality and will draw consumers in.

You guys are all consumers. Do you agree that manufacturers should focus more on the basics rather than the bells and whistles?

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