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CyanogenMod Installer comes to Mac OSX in beta form

CyanogenMod Generic

The CyanogenMod Installer was a big step in easing the pain of installing custom software on your device. Each device is different, and each requires its own procedure, making the process difficult and often risky. The CyanogenMod Installer mitigates that by automating the process for many devices, making having the newest version of Android that much easier.

The installer was released only for Windows and taken off the Play Store, which limited the user base. True, not by much, as Windows is still the dominant OS, but many Android users also have Macs and even Linux machines. But today, CyanogenMod Installer has come to Mac OSX in beta form, and you can give it a shot by joining the community in the source link!

Before you start, make sure your device is supported by visiting this wiki page. Then get installing, and enjoy CyanogenMod finally being easy to install. Will any of you give this a shot? Leave a comment!

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