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Evolution of the HTC One prototype

3 months ago 16

The current HTC One that has been out for almost an entire year seems like the perfect phone for an Android fan at first glance. A full metal construction, loud front facing speakers, a decently sized display… it’s all anyone ever wanted. The execution of the final product never turned out perfect, but many of those elements made the device as popular as it was.

But way before that, we saw leaks of the HTC One, then called the M7, that didn’t feature front facing speakers or metal construction. We saw a phone with a soft touch body¬†and one with a traditional earpiece design. It was definitely far from the device people love today.

Thanks to Engadget, we can now take a look at the actual prototype device from those early leaks. This device features the same shape as the One, with a rounded back, but covered in soft touch plastic. The navigation keys are also switched around in this very early design.

Take a look at the gallery if you want to see more of this device. It’s always interesting to see how devices evolved, and it’s a bit hard to believe that the HTC One could have been plastic and lacking some of its main features. What do you think of this prototype? Leave a comment!

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