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Google creates five games for Glass to encourage developers


As a new device at the dawn of wearable technology, Google Glass has an incredible amount of untapped potential. But potential means nothing when there is no support behind it, but Google is trying to rally the support of the community for Google Glass. Though the device costs $1500 and is limited to specific people, development will go on until the official release of the product.

To spur some extra development, specifically of games, Google has hacked together five games and made them available on Glassware for everyone to try out. They’re quite simple in nature but look like they’d be fun using Google Glass. Check out the short video to see what Google has made.

I really do hope that people start making amazing apps for Glass. Wearable technology may just be the future people were dreaming about for decades, and Glass can achieve some amazing things. What do you think people should do with Glass?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Google Developers

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