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HTC M8 may launch in four colors right off the bat


When it comes to color options for most manufacturers, only the basics are offered when the device is launched. Then over the course of the next year, a few new colors might be offered to entice people to keep buying the device. But what about those who just want a colorful phone from the beginning? Motorola appealed to those folks with the Moto X (though wood backs came later anyway), and HTC may be doing the same soon.

According to an XDA developer, HTC is planning to release the HTC M8, rumored to be simply called the HTC One, in four colors from the start. Instead of introducing colors over the course of months, like the company did with the original One, all four will be available to purchase at launch. And the colors will be very similar to what is available for the One: silver, dark gray, red, and light blue.

In my opinion, this is the best approach for releasing colored devices. Let your customers buy their favorite color from the beginning, and you won’t piss them off by releasing the color six months later. This will make people far happier, at least according to my logic. What do you guys think? Leave a comment!


Via: PocketNow
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