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New Moto X wood finishes are real wood, but not the wood they’re named after

Moto X Ebony Back

They lied to us. Boycott Motorola. Just kidding.

Motorola announced three new wood finishes for the Moto X, due to come out January 21. These finishes look awesome, and I’m absolutely in love with the ebony backplate, but they’re not really the wood they’re advertised to be. Only bamboo is real bamboo. Let me explain.

The bamboo option is real bamboo, unfinished but coated. The other three options are all real wood, but they’re finished to look like the wood they’re named after. Motorola says “Walnut, Ebony and Teak are treated with their indicated finish to adjust the color and design.” Unfortunately, Motorola did not state what kind of wood was being used.

I personally would not call this a downside, as this process is probably much better than using three different types of wood. Not only is it cheaper, it’s also more sustainable and possibly even has better durability. There is absolutely no reason to be mad over this, as you’re still getting an awesome looking wood back. What are your thoughts on the situation? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Droid-Life

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