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Red Nexus 5 leaks again, this time in press image form


Just in case you weren’t going to survive until the red Nexus 5′s purported Feb. 4 launch without getting another peek at the device, the rumor mill is happy to whet your appetite.

A new press image of the crimson-hued N5 has been posted by @evleaks, giving us our clearest look at the phone yet. As expected, the red Nexus 5 is pretty similar to the white Nexus 5, but it’s just red instead of white. The rear and sides of the device are covered in red paint, as is the earpiece resting above its display.

The red Nexus 5 has gone from non-existent to heavily-leaked in the span of just a few days. First we got a peek at the device’s packaging and the phone itself in the wild, and then yesterday an image of Sprint’s internal systems showed that the red N5 could be slated to hit the Google Play Store’s virtual shelves as soon as Feb. 4. That’s next Tuesday for those that are curious.

We’ve yet to get any details on how much the red Nexus 5 will cost when it does arrive, but it seems likely that it’ll be priced in a manner similar to that of the black and white Nexus 5s. Those devices are currently selling for $349 or $399, depending on whether you want 16GB or 32GB of built-in storage.

So now that we’ve gotten a clear look at the red Nexus 5, who’s planning on buying a unit next week?

Source: @evleaks

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