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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets leaked Android 4.4.2 update of its own


There’s some good news today for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners that are jealous of their Galaxy S 4 brethren and their recent Android 4.4.2 leak: Now you, too, can sink your teeth into Samsung’s KitKat bar, provided that you own the international, SM-N9005 variant of the Note 3. SamMobile today posted a test version of the Galaxy Note 3′s Android 4.4.2 update, which features the build number KOT49H.N9005XXUENA6 and is reportedly one of the final test builds for the device.

Many of the new features found in the Galaxy Note 3′s Android 4.4.2 update were present in the Galaxy S 4′s recently-leaked build of KitKat, including white status bar icons and a lock screen camera shortcut. Also bundled into the Note 3′s update is full screen album art during music playback as well as “significantly” improved performance that results in benchmark scores that are “off the charts.” Even the process of unlocking the Note 3 is said to have been improved with this latest update.

If you’re rocking an SM-N9005 version of the Galaxy Note 3 and are feeling both brave and hungry for some KitKat, you can install this test update for yourself by hitting up the link below. Samsung hasn’t announced when it plans to begin the Note 3′s official Android 4.4 rollout, but if SamMobile is to be believed, the push could begin sometime in the next week or two. Of course, owners of the other Note 3 variants likely have a longer wait ahead of them as the update makes its way through the carrier approval process. At least we’ve got these leaked screenshots to keep us occupied in the mean time.

Source: SamMobile

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