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Samsung may be toning down TouchWiz due to Google’s influence

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Samsung has been straying further and further from “Android” as a platform, despite using the operating system itself. Yes, all of Google’s services come preinstalled, but for every Google service, there’s one from Samsung to duplicate it. There are also plenty of Samsung apps to use over Google’s version. It seems that Samsung has been preparing to move away from Google’s services entirely.

As many of you know and constantly point out, TouchWiz is bloated and looks like it’s come straight from the Gingerbread days. And this is coming from a Samsung fanboy. TouchWiz isn’t the prime example of Android’s beauty or functionality, and Google knows that. For every Samsung device sold, a solitary tear rolls down the face of Matias Duarte (or at least that’s how I like to imagine it).

However, according to a report, Samsung and Google held talks concerning Samsung’s custom user interfaces while cross-licensing patents. These discussions involved Google expressing its dismay for Samsung’s departure of standard Android styling, especially with Magazine UX. As a result of the talks, Samsung has made agreements with Google to tone down TouchWiz.

The deal also states that Samsung should focus on Google Play apps and services instead of its own, meaning that Samsung apps will take a backseat or could even disappear entirely in favor of Google’s apps.

I’m all for Google’s services being front and center since they’re far better than whatever Samsung has made, but I’m not sure how I feel about Google telling Samsung that the unique and useful Magazine UX shouldn’t be used. I am all for TouchWiz itself being redesigned as something far lighter, though. I’m a huge fan of what Motorola has been doing with Android, and TouchWiz should follow the same philosophy.

We’re sure Samsung is getting something out of this as well, as Google has quite a bit to offer. Whatever the case, we may see faster and less-bloated Samsung devices sometime soon, complete with more modern-looking software and fewer “nature” audio effects. What do you think of Samsung agreeing with Google to tone down TouchWiz? Leave a comment!

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Source: Recode

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