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The Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 is the only new Samsung tablet with a PenTile display

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 PenTile

Samsung’s newly announced tablets all have the same resolution display in various sizes. It’s actually pretty impressive that the devices all have 2560×1600 displays, especially the smaller TabPRO 8.4. But it looks like one of the devices stands out from the rest because its display uses the infamous PenTile matrix.

For those unaware, the PenTile matrix is a special pixel arrangement some displays use for various reasons. Instead of each pixel having three subpixels (RGB being red/green/blue), there are four subpixels (RGBW or red/green/blue/white) and one subpixel is shared between pixels. The extra white pixel results in better screen brightness, but the tradeoff is that the effective resolution is lower (each pixel contains less subpixels). It also can create a strange “striped” look on the display instead of the uniform columns of pixels on standard displays.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 uses the PenTile matrix on its display, while the other three tablets are using the standard and superior RGB stripe layout. If you’re really OCD about display quality, we suggest going for one of the larger 12.2-inch offerings. But at 2560×1600, most folks are never going to notice the PenTile matrix unless they bring the display right up their face. At that resolution, it’s not a big deal at all and you shouldn’t immediately swear it off. But it’s worth knowing what you’re buying. Does this deter you from buying the Galaxy TabPRO 10.1?

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