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Traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving in California dismissed


Back in October, a woman was stopped for speeding in California and given a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving. Fast-forward to today and that ticket is no more thanks to a judge that dismissed it. This sounds awesome, but it’s not quite a win for advocates of wearable technology.

The judge ruled that the highway patrol officer could not prove that the woman was using her Google Glass while driving, so the ticket was dismissed. This does not make it legal for anyone to use Google Glass while driving, which could still get you a hefty ticket.

Now you could argue that Google Glass is safer than a traditional GPS. It’s not quite as simple as that, thought, because Google Glass isn’t a “heads up display” constantly in your vision. You do have to look up to see the display, taking your eyes off the road. Does this make it less dangerous than a traditional GPS mounted on your windshield? It’s hard to say.

So if you’re waiting to see whether Google Glass will become officially legal to use behind the wheel, you’ll have to keep waiting. Stick with the GPS device and take the glasses off while driving. But as wearable technology becomes more commonplace, this issue will become very important.

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