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AllCast updated with the return of Chromecast local streaming

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The Chromecast came out as a very limited device, but for a meager $35, it was still amazing and super useful. People tried to get around its limitations with features like the ability to stream local content, but Google didn’t care for that and ended up blocking those efforts until the official release of the SDK for all developers. Unfortunately, things pretty much stopped there.

That changed yesterday when Google opened up the Chromecast SDK to everyone,¬†allowing developers to do more than ever with the device. And of course, Koush has stepped up with a local streaming solution for his app AllCast. It actually had that previously, but it was removed when Google voiced its objection. Now it’s back, and you can give it a shot!

The free version of the AllCast app will allow you to try out its features and see if they work for you, but if you want to stream videos longer than 1 minute, you’ll have to buy the full version at $4.99. The Chromecast local media streaming is in beta, so be warned that you may experience bugs that will be worked out. This is a big step for the Chromecast, and we can’t wait to see what developers can do with it.


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  • aranea

    Chromecast is now even more amazing for the price I paid for it.

  • Haggie

    What legitimate concern would Google have over local streaming?

    Oh, right, it doesn’t require a payment to Google. How Apple of them!

  • donger


  • Tommy

    Can you allcast to chromecast without a wifi connection?