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AT&T Mobile Share customers will get free international texting, picture messaging

7 months ago 8

Having friends and family abroad used to make communication difficult. But with the rise of services like Skype, Hangouts, and WhatsApp, it’s easier than ever and absolutely free. A simple call or message can be done over WiFi or mobile data to the other side of the world, and neither of you have to pay a cent. Of course, with mobile data plans having caps, it can be difficult to sustain video calls on the go. But messaging is a whole different story.

AT&T is trying to get more people to text internationally, but it’s so damn expensive that no one in their right mind would do it for an extended period of time. However, the company is attempting to fix that with the introduction of free and unlimited texting to countries outside of the US.

Unlimited texting will be available to 190 countries, while picture and video messaging will be available to 120 countries. That’s a pretty good deal, especially because it won’t cost you anything extra. And to make it even better, AT&T has announced the World Connect ValueSM plan. For an extra $5 a month, you can get one-cent-a-minute calling to over 35 countries.

AT&T is pushing for better international plans, mostly to compete with internet-based services like Hangouts and WhatsApp. AT&T even mentions that apps like this will incur data fees, so texting would actually be better. This all depends on how the carrier of the person on the other side of the text treats international texting, so there is a big downside. So will you take advantage of these new plans? Leave a comment!