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Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner, other features confirmed


According to the latest information given to us by SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner as all the rumors have suggested. But instead of integrating it into the display itself, which would have been amazing but probably difficult, it will be integrated into the physical home button. And to disappoint many of you, yes, the Galaxy S5 will come with physical nav keys once again.

The similarities with Apple’s TouchID end there, because the implementation is quite different. Instead of touching the home button, you’ll have to slide your finger over it. This is more of an inconvenience but is said to be a safer, more secure way of reading a fingerprint. And while you swipe, the screen will display your fingerprint in real time.

In terms of software, Samsung has taken the same route it always has: pack as many features in as possible. The software will recognize up to 8 different fingerprints, one of which will be used for unlocking the device. The rest can be set for various tasks and shortcuts. This sounds similar to HTC’s implementation on the One max, but the software goes even further than that.

There will be features called Personal Folder and Private mode, allowing you to hide content, widgets, and apps behind fingerprint-protected security. You could also use a pattern or PIN lock to access this content, but fingerprint seems like the easiest way. I think that’s actually a pretty cool feature; everyone has something to hide on their smartphone–from other people, their kids, you name it. You’ll also be able to use your fingerprint to sign into sites, but that’s probably exclusive to the Samsung browser and won’t work in Chrome.

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of fingerprint scanners at all; it’s a type of security that can’t be changed once it’s breached. But for a smartphone, where the security doesn’t matter as much as a bank, I think it’s a pretty cool tool. Will I use it? Probably, to give it a try. But what about you? Will you give it a shot? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: SamMobile

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