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Google Now update adds “Call Mom” and other such commands


The Google Search app has received yet another update, and this one adds a few new commands to Google Now. For those who like to use voice dialing (especially if you have a Moto X or are running the Google Now Launcher), this update will be a significant improvement. Instead of having to constantly name names, you can now use a general term for a person.

For example, instead of having to say your mother’s name (with my last name, it can be difficult for Google Now to understand), you can say “call mom” or “send a text to mom.” This also works for people like your boss, wife, husband, and others. The first time you try this, it will ask you who that person is and allow you to permanently set that command.

As time goes on, we’re sure more terms will be added to make sure calling people will be easier. Though with calling on a big decline, it won’t be all that useful to a large amount of people. Still, it’s awesome to see Google updating its apps with more functionality. Will you use commands like these? Let us know in the comments!

Source: +Google

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