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HTC introduces custom Double Dip cases with selectable colors

HTC Double Dip Custom Case

HTC’s latest foray into accessories brings a classic case with a twist. The Double Dip case has been available since the HTC One launched last year, featuring a top and bottom that are colored differently than the rest of the body. To help attract more customers, HTC has now channeled its inner Motorola and made the case fully customizable.

Three different parts of the Double Dip case can be colored, letting you create some interesting looks. It’s just too bad that all of the colors are bright and pastel instead of sharp and vibrant. The colors are named Glacier Grey, Neon Lemon, Atlantis, Bright Peach, Navy Blazer, and Pastel Blue, which tells you how obnoxious most of them really are.

Despite the limited color choices, it’s still pretty cool that HTC allows you to create your own case. Hopefully the company will expand on this with an HTC M8 case, because designing your own stuff is always cool. If you want one of these cases, hit the source link and be prepared to throw down $29.99 to own one. What do you think of this system? Is it fun or far too limited? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: HTC

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