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HTC M8 possibly shows off its front in newly-leaked photos


There are countless rumors and leaks surrounding the HTC M8, and with good cause. It’s HTC’s next flagship device, and people are excited to find out if it’ll be a true contender in the next generation of smartphones. Earlier today we got to see some leaked shots of the back of the M8, and we heard that the device could feature a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. Now we might finally gotten our first look at the front of the device.

The images show a device very reminiscent of the original HTC One, complete with dual front-facing speaker grilles on its top and bottom. The software also looks quite similar, though the photos are lacking BlinkFeed. The color matches one of the rumored HTC M8 colors, which was dark gray instead of black. However, there are a few things that should be mentioned.


First of all, the screenshots look pretty unrealistic to me. They seem Photoshopped on, not that that’s uncommon. Plus, with the clock in the middle of the status bar and the on-screen buttons disappearing in one of the photos, it’s hard to say whether the shots are legitimate. It’s also strange that the time is so different, yet the environment is the same and it looks like the photos were taken at the same time.

In my opinion, we’re not looking at the final software that will ship with the HTC M8, though the hardware itself may be legitimate. Unfortunately, we won’t know until the device is official. Tell us what you think of this leak and if you think the HTC M8 will sell well!

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Source: Mobiltelefon.ru

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