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Huawei’s Mobile World Congress teaser tries to be funny, ends up cringeworthy

Huawei MWC 2014 Teaser

Mobile World Congress is coming up, and while there will be some names that we know and love, ┬ásmaller companies will be in attendance as well. Huawei doesn’t want us to forget that, and so the company has released a teaser for its presence at MWC that mocks both Apple and Samsung in the process. I can get into advertisements that make fun other other companies when they’re legitimately funny, but this ad fails in that regard.

The ad depicts a Siri-like interface speaking, calling Apple “Fruit” and Samsung “Some song.” Since neither of these companies will be at Mobile World Congress, it’s a bit strange that Huawei has selected these two as the target of its ad.

In my opinion, the ad isn’t funny, witty or any good. I’m still excited to see what Huawei has to offer at Mobile World Congress, though. What do you think of the ad? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Android Police

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