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Latest Android distribution numbers show KitKat and Jelly Bean continuing to grow


It’s that time of the month once again, Android fans. Yes, it’s time to check in with Google on its Android distribution stats and find out which versions of its mobile operating system are being most widely used.

We’ll start our recap of February 2014′s Android version distribution numbers with a quick round of “Good News, Bad News.” The good news? Version 4.4 KitKat managed to grow its market share from last month’s stats. Unfortunately, it only gained a 0.4 percent slice of the pie, moving from 1.4 percent in January to 1.8 percent in February. Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean posted a much larger growth, gaining 1.8 percent to finished this month’s 7-day review period with a 60.9 percent share of the Android pie.


Moving on to the pre-4.x versions of Android, we find that version 3.2 Honeycomb has continued to hold on to the 0.1 percent share that its had for the past few months. The once-undisputed champion of the Android world, version 2.3 Gingerbread, fell to an even 20 percent this month, while Android 2.2 Froyo rounded out this latest set of stats with a share of 1.3 percent.

While it’s kind of a bummer to see that KitKat only managed to gain 0.8 percent market share from the previous survey period, the good news is that both it and Jelly Bean grew in the month since Google last reported its Android distribution stats. Plus, with HTC slated to begin updating the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon versions of its One flagship to 4.4 in the near future, we should see KitKat gain some more ground in March’s distribution report.

So now that we know how large each slice of Google’s delicious dessert-filled Android pie is, we want to know: Which piece do you belong to?

Source: Android Developers

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