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Latest leak offers clear view of the upcoming HTC M8

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The HTC M8 is subject to an incredible amount of rumors and leaks lately, and today is no different. While we’ve seen everything from a mold of the device, to the backplate, to the device itself running what was claimed to be Sense 6.0, we’ve seen it all, But we’ve never seen it quite this clear.


This latest leak shows the HTC One successor in all of its glory, looking as real as ever. The front facing camera shifts the speaker grill a little, while matches an earlier leak, and the status bar sports all white icons in honor of the upgrade to KitKat. It actually looks like everything is legitimate.

However, I have a serious complaint to make here. The use of on screen buttons is great, and it’s something I’ve been asking of HTC for quite a while, but using on screen buttons also means making the bezels smaller. Motorola nailed it with the Moto X, making the lower bezel incredibly small. It looks like HTC decided to just take the physical buttons off of the HTC One and slap black plastic in their place. I, for one, don’t want a 5″ device with the physical footprint of a far larger phone.

But this may be our first clear look at the HTC M8. It’ll be announced soon, but until then, we can only speculate on what HTC will do with the physical design. But being this close to announcement, the design should be set in stone by now. What do you think of this photo? Is this a device you would buy, or is this just a tiny upgrade of last year’s model? Leave a comment!

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Source: @HTCFamily_RU

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