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Picture leaks out of next-gen Galaxy Gears


Samsung unveiled to the Galaxy Gear to mixed feelings last year. One of the most common complaints was that it felt like a beta product, not ready for the prime time. This year, Samsung has another shot to redeem the Galaxy Gear brand with the second generation. Rumors have been floating around that there would be two Galaxy Gear models released this time around and a new image leaked by @evleaks appears to confirm that with two models, the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo.


Starting with the Galaxy Gear 2, the design changes appear to be minimal from the original Gear. We still see a square display, silver face and a subtly toned grey band. However, there’s a new black bar above the display that could be used for a number of things and we’re not really sure what its purpose is. Below the display, there’s what appears to be a button which could be one of Samsung’s infamous home buttons and could also signify a change in the software if a home button is needed.

The second of the pair is the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, most likely a slightly lesser version of the Galaxy Gear 2. The design is similar to that of the Galaxy Gear 2, but the face is slightly smaller and features a darker grey rather than silver. On the Gear 2 Neo, we see the black bar on the Gear 2 replaced with a small black circle. Below the display rests what appears to be a home button that’s slightly smaller than the one on the Gear 2.

Aside from what our own eyes can pick up from this image, there’s not much else too know about these devices. Many of the details are still under wraps but that should change during this upcoming week with Mobile World Congress right around the corner.

Do you think that you’d be interested in either of these smartwatches from Samsung?

Source: @evleaks

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