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Samsung Life Times leaked, logs your life one day at a time

Samsung Life Times leak

Screenshots of a new Samsung app have been leaked, and it looks intriguing. This app is called Life Times, and it’s meant to chronicle your experiences by logging important information in your day to day life. To do this, it draws information from a plethora of sources.

Once you allow it, Life Times will use all sorts of apps to collect information. You can set it up to draw info from social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Instagram (with a strange lack of Twitter), and it’ll draw data from built-in apps like Messages and Email. So pretty much most of what you do can be connected to Life Times for collection.

I can just imagine the privacy-sensitive folks out there cringing. So much of your life saved for someone to check out? It seems worrying, but most, if not all, of this information is already out there anyway. Still, it can be a security problem to have all this information stored in one place.

The app was taken from a device called the SM-G900H, though it’s unknown what device this is. It’s unlikely that it’s a Galaxy S5, because the screenshots are in 1080p instead of WQHD, though they could have been resized. This app may be replacing the current Story Album app, which does a similar thing with photos, but it may just be a standalone app. Is anyone actually excited for yet another feature in TouchWiz? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: SamMobile

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