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Sprint Galaxy S4 gets KitKat source code, update not far off

samsung galaxy s 4

In a surprising turn of events, Samsung has released the source code for the Sprint Galaxy S4′s KitKat update, which hasn’t started rolling out quite yet. An update’s source code usually isn’t released until after the update has begun rolling out, but Samsung decided to do it before. This means that the final build is pretty much done.

The update should start going out at any time, but until it does, developers can have some fun with the source code. And when the update does begin pushing, it looks like Sprint will be the first to have it in the United States. Unfortunately, there is no official word so far from Samsung or Sprint on the matter.

Galaxy S4 users, are you excited to get your first official taste of KitKat? Leave a comment, and check for updates in Settings and tell us if you see anything!

Via: SamMobile

Source: Samsung Open Source

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  2. BartGuest 1 year ago

    @Dimah: Hi Dimah. You’re the only one sort of know. This is off-subject. I had read late last year that Samsung had hired a consulting firm to design a new logo. It was supposed to have been released by now from what I remember. Do you know if there has been any activity in that regard?

  3. Ryan BGuest 1 year ago

    I’ve been waiting and waiting. Can’t wait. Got the Sprint gs4. Bring it on!!

  4. JosephGuest 1 year ago

    Is there a flashable NAE rom for sph-l720 yet?

  5. linlatphuoGuest 1 year ago

    myanmar fore

  6. ToraGuest 1 year ago

    Got update notification this morning. Not sure if its worth to upgrade…

  7. Obaid khanGuest 1 year ago

    Wooohooo… so far so good!!!

  8. BrianGuest 1 year ago

    i havent see yet on my white samsung s4 i guess it later in the day

  9. Gary M. FleschnerGuest 1 year ago

    Received my update this morning. Tweeted a screen shot from my Instagram @garythefireman

  10. Kevin MontgomeryGuest 1 year ago

    I sure can’t wait to see what the new kit kat update has to offer. Long live sacred Samsung.

  11. Van TraGuest 1 year ago

    still havent get the update yet

  12. allenGuest 1 year ago

    Try summoning the update in your settings. It works sometimes.

  13. bobGuest 1 year ago

    Try that still dont work does anyone got the update to work on their phone?