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The Nokia X line won’t be coming to the US or Canada


Say what you want about the Nokia X line of devices, but it’s a big step for Nokia to start making Android hardware, even if Android is hidden under skins, proprietary app stores and general Nokia-fication. The Nokia X family is a line of low-end devices at very low prices for the budget market. Unfortunately, those of us in the US will never get to see them locally.

Nokia has revealed a full list of countries in which the Nokia X will be released. The list states, “pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan.” On top of that, many Latin American countries will be the exception to the North America rule and will get the Nokia X as well.

I’m honestly a little sad. Despite the fact that the Nokia X family isn’t very appealing to those that love high-end devices, I was very interested in giving them a shot to see what they can do. Plus, we need more budget options here in the US. I guess we’ll just have to make do with the Moto G. Would you like to see the Nokia X launch in the US and Canada? Leave a comment!

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Source: Nokia

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  • Wesley

    Thank goodness it’s not coming to the US! If it was, I would tell everybody I meet to avoid it like the plague. If they were really set on getting a Windows Phone, I would recommend a real one over this crazy Trojan horse. Above all, I would recommend a real Android device of some kind, with Google services and all. The Nokia X is trying to be an Android killer, and Elop even said as much in his statements. Nokia is doing a great job with the Moto G, and it sets the bar for what a budget Android phone should be.

    • jay555

      I think you mean Motorola is doing a good job with the Moto G, not Nokia.

      • Wesley

        Oops! Slip of the ol’ brain there! lol. Yes, you are right. That’s what I meant.

  • Apay

    Glad to see that Nokia is seeing Western Europe as a developing country…

  • Abd

    Nokia Fokya

  • donger

    Sad face.