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Verizon to start selling Nexus 7 LTE February 13

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The story of the Nexus 7 LTE on the Verizon network is a very interesting (and annoying) one. It all started when the Nexus 7 LTE launched. The device came equipped for both GSM carriers, and in a big surprise, Verizon LTE compatibility. However, when folks tried activating the tablets on Verizon’s network, it didn’t work. Verizon didn’t allow an “uncertified” tablet to be running on the network, despite putting in an already activated SIM that work perfectly.

So started the Verizon certification process. It was expected to take 4-6 weeks, and we were hoping for the best. That was back in September. In that time, Verizon and Google decided to focus on approving KitKat instead of Jelly Bean, and after an even longer wait, the tablet is finally certified. Five months later. Good job Verizon!

Unfortunately, those who bought the tablet for use on Verizon had to wait almost half a year if they wanted to use it (unless they got it activated in other, sneakier ways). But the good news is that the wait is almost over. The tablet is certified, there are Verizon branded Nexus 7 models already shipping to stores, and the tablet will officially be sold at Verizon stores on February 13.

The Nexus 7 LTE sold by Verizon will be the 32GB variety and will go for $349.99, exactly what it goes for on the Play Store. You can also buy it on contract for $249.99, but as you can imagine, that’s not a great deal. Along with the Nexus 7, Verizon will be selling a few cases, like the Adopted Folio Frame and Speck StyleFolio that go for $50 and $35 respectively.

It’s incredible to me just how long Verizon took to certify this tablet, especially when people wanted to use it and pay Verizon money for use on its network. It’s just unbelievable. However, I shouldn’t be judging. You should be! Tell us in the comments what you think of Verizon’s actions and whether you’ll be using a Nexus 7 LTE on the Verizon network!

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