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HTC uploads Dot View app to the Play Store for fast updates in the future

HTC Dot View cover case

HTC is taking a page out of Motorola’s book and uploading one of its system apps to the Play Store. The app is HTC Dot View, which allows support for the HTC Dot View case that you’ve probably seen for the all new HTC One. The case has a flip cover style front, but it’s covered in holes. The display shines through those holes in a retro dot style.

The benefit of having the app on the Play Store is that HTC doesn’t have to wait until it has a full system update ready to expand the functionality of Dot View. The app can be updated on the Play Store and users can download it immediately, allowing for far faster updates with new features and bug fixes. Motorola has done this with multiple apps for the Moto X and various DROID devices, including Active Display and the Gallery, and it has worked incredibly well.

If you’re the proud owner of a brand new HTC One M8, you already have this app installed. But when it’s updated, you’ll be prompted to update it just like any other app. Sadly, its compatibility is limited to only the M8, so M7 users need not apply.


Via: Phandroid

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