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Android 4.4.3 spotted in the wild, coming soon to fix battery draining camera bug

Nexus 5 Camera

Android 4.4.2 may have fixed a few bugs on Android devices when released, but it introduced its own. The battery draining camera bug has hit a significant amount of people, killing batteries far faster than before, and all this time we’ve been without an official fix. But if this information is correct, we may be seeing a bug fixing update roll out very soon.

A Nexus 5 running the unreleased Android 4.4.3 was spotted accessing a site, showing that the update is in the works. Later confirmed by Llabtoofer, this Android build (KTU72B) is currently under testing and is assumed to fix this battery draining bug once and for all.


Sadly, there is still no hard information on this update. Until Google announces it officially, it’s relegated to the rumor category. Still, we hope Google releases this update soon to fix this bug. The update won’t be a large one, so don’t expect big changes. Small updates to Android versions are routine and almost never include big changes. Have you been hit by this battery draining camera bug? Leave a comment!

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Source: TuttoAndroid

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