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ASUS to quit production and sales of dual boot devices due to pressure from Google and Microsoft


ASUS isn’t the only manufacturer that’s been cranking out dual-booting devices with both Windows and Android, but it has been pushing them pretty intently. There are already a few on sale, but unfortunately, it looks like that’s about to come to an end. ASUS is halting sales of dual-booting devices and will not be making any more due to pressure from both Google and Microsoft, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Because of Microsoft’s many patent disputes with Google and its partners, Microsoft is allegedly no longer acknowledging dual-boot devices. Since Windows is not open source or open for manufacturers to freely use, this becomes a problem for ASUS. Google may also be unhappy about this type of product, and since getting Google services on Android hardware requires Google’s certification, this may also be part of the problem.

While it’s really a shame that an whole device category goes out the window because two companies don’t much like each other, I’m not sure that we’re missing all that much. I never saw the benefit of combining the two operating systems onto one device. I wonder if other manufacturers will be hit with the same problem. Share your thoughts on this issue in the comments!

Via: Android Community

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