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Google now requires “Powered by Android” logo on boot screen

6 months ago 16

If you’ve seen the coverage on the all new HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S5, you may have noticed something intersting about the boot animation. Both devices display a new “Powered by Android” logo at the bottom of the boot screen, something not seen so far in any device. But apparently, this is a new requirement by Google that manufacturers must meet to sell devices with the Android operating system.

Powered By Android 1

The latest version of the Google Mobile Services license states that manufacturers have to add this logo to sell the device with the full suite of Google apps. Google has released some documentation on how to implement the logo into a boot animation, though it seems manufacturers have already been adding it for a while now (hence all of the HTC Ones with it installed already being sold).

Powered By Android 2

This doesn’t just apply to new devices, either. If a company is to release an update to an older device, this logo will have to be added. Luckily, it’s a very easy modification and won’t delay updates whatsoever. But you may see this logo appear on your current device soon enough. What do you think of this logo? Is it fair for Google to demand it, or is it unnecessary and ugly? Leave a comment!