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HTC One (M8) performs factory reset if you get the password wrong 10 times

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When you incorrectly enter a lock screen password too many times, most devices block further attempts for a certain period of time. This is incredibly annoying when your friend is messing with your device, but it’s a smart feature. The HTC One (M8) takes this security method one step further, but that step is a mile long.

After 5 incorrect password attempts, the One (M8) blocks you out for 30 seconds. That’s good. After 5 more attempts, though, it factory resets itself. This means that your apps, accounts, and data (photos, music, videos) is permanently deleted and the device starts over fresh. So if a child happens to get your phone when you’re not looking, it could delete all of the content on your HTC One (M8) in less than a minute.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that this is a security measure, but it does exactly what a thief wants. It’s a dead easy way to get the One (M8) to a factory state to sell it after it’s been stolen. And in any other case, it’s nothing but a hindrance. Friends, family, children, anyone could accidentally wipe the device your job depends on. And there’s no way to turn it off.

To be fair, after the first 5 incorrect attempts, the One (M8) gives a warning that it will soon factory reset itself. However, that still opens you up to some seriously malicious jokes. Our suggestion is that if you have an HTC One (M8) with a password-protected lock screen, keep it away from everybody. For now we’ll just have to wait and see if HTC decides to change its position and allow people to turn this feature off. Tell us your thoughts on this safety feature in the comments!

Via: Phandroid

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