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HTC to stream all new HTC One launch event – the countdown begins

6 months ago 14

If you’re reading this news, you’re probably one of the millions of people who will not be attending the all new HTC One launch event on March 25. Those attending the media event in London and New York will be among the first (following the hundreds of people who snapped pictures and leaked all the details we already know) to get hands-on time with HTC’s new flagship device. Fortunately, HTC has decided to live stream the event, giving you the opportunity to watch HTC confirm all the intricate details about the all new HTC One which we’re shared with you for the past few months.

HTC has posted an ominous countdown clock, reminding us that the all new HTC One will be officially unveiled in just over four days. Will you be tuning in to HTC’s live stream to watch the unveiling of the all new HTC One?