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LG G Flex might get 4K video recording feature in KitKat update

7 months ago 29

The LG G Flex is technically able to capture 4K video, but you wouldn’t know that with its stock software. That camera sensor is quite capable, though, and the developers at XDA have modded the device to shoot 4K video. They’ve even added the option of shooting at 120 FPS as well. But mods like those are useless to the regular person.

Luckily, it seems that LG will be adding the ability to shoot 4K video in the G Flex’s KitKat update. A source close to LG claims that the company will add 4K video capture in the update, but there was no mention of 120 FPS video. It’s very rare that a company adds a feature so big in an update, so such a move would be very appreciated.

The G Flex’s Android 4.4 update should be arriving in the next few weeks, so we’ll find out soon if this rumor is true. If it is, we’ll have to give big props to LG for adding a major new feature to an existing device. How many of you have an LG G Flex? Are you excited to shoot 4K video? Leave a comment!