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Samsung, All Def Digital debut unsigned artists on new Milk Music radio station

Samsung Milk Music

Remember Samsung’s new Milk Music streaming app? You should, because it’s definitely a decent service with some interesting ideas (for those who own fairly new Galaxy flagship phones, anyway). Samsung has another trick up its sleeve, though. The company has partnered with All Def Digital (ADD) for a new radio station inside the app.

The co-founders of All Def Digital, Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind, have started a new project to debut new unsigned artists for 52 weeks, allowing these artists to show off one single and one video. This project is called ADD52. It’s coming as a radio station to Samsung Milk Music, so you can hear these artists for yourself.

I think this is an awesome idea, and I’ll definitely give it a listen. Now all Samsung needs to do is add Chromecast support to the Milk Music app, and I’ll be sold. What do you think of a radio station playing only unsigned artists, specifically ones selected for quality? Leave a comment!

Source: Business Wire

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