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Samsung allegedly working on new S Band fitness tracker

S Band

Samsung generally likes to release plenty of accessories for its devices. With wearables being all the rage at the moment, it stands to reason that Samsung would want to release as many as possible. While it already has a fitness tracker in the form of the Gear Fit, the price for that is expected to be rather high and so, it seems that Samsung is working to bring a cheaper alternative in the form of a new S Band fitness tracker.

The S Band was originally intended as an accessory for the Galaxy S 4 but never ended up being released. Nonetheless, Samsung is taking another stab at it this year with a revised version, leaked in some sales slides. The real key to the S Band’s supposed lower cost is the lack of a display. The S Band is simply a tracker and sensor that will send all the information to the S Health app on your Samsung smartphone. This lack of display also means that the S Band has a minimal design that actually looks decent.

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Some of the uses of the S Band include tracking how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, and also monitoring your sleep patterns. More than that, the S Band will vibrate to inform you of notifications received on your smartphone. You won’t be able to view them from the S Band, of course, but at least you’ll know that you have them. The S Band will also have an interchangeable strap so you can pick one in the color of your choosing. Other details such as price and availability aren’t yet known but we’ll let you know when they become available.

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