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Samsung CEO JK Shin ends speculation about “premium” Galaxy S5

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You would have thought the announcement of the Galaxy S5 last month would have killed this speculation already, but the rumors persisted that Samsung had a possibly metal bodied and higher resolution version of the S5 waiting in the wings for a slightly later launch date.

JK Shin, CEO of Samsung, had apparently had enough of this and finally put a stake in the heart of this undying rumor. Shin didn’t really leave any room for confusion saying that the articles about an additional premium model were wrong and that there is “no such thing.” So while we often see executives dance around with their denials this does not feel like one of those occasions.

Shin pointed to the next installment in the Galaxy Note line this fall as their next major phone release.

While some AAM staffers aren’t terribly impressed with the Galaxy S5 the reaction to the device seems to have been largely positive. Were you holding out hope for something a bit more upscale, or did Samsung do enough with the Galaxy S5 to get you on board? If you were holding out for a premium Galaxy S5, does this news have you thinking the all new HTC One might be the phone for you this year?

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