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Samsung Galaxy S5 features baby monitor

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

Today’s phones come loaded with every possible feature under the sun, and some of them actually serve a purpose rather than just being a gimmick. One example of that is the baby monitor feature found in the Galaxy S5. While Samsung didn’t advertise the Galaxy S5 as a baby monitor, it turns out that deep in the settings, there is indeed an option to enable that feature.

Galaxy S 5 Baby Monitor

When enabled, the Galaxy S5 can be paired with a Galaxy Gear and used as a baby monitor to let you know if your baby is in distress. The Galaxy S5 is placed next to the baby’s crib, and if the child begins to cry, the S5 will send a notification to the paired Galaxy Gear. One possible reason for Samsung’s lack of marketing this feature is that it comes with a long list of instructions and disclaimers that explain how to use it. If you’re dedicated to trying out new features on your phone, though, this is an interesting one to try.

Via: Android Central

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