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Samsung Galaxy S5 has best smartphone display ever tested by DisplayMate

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung is known for putting amazing displays in its flagship smartphones. I’ve been a huge fan of Super AMOLED screens ever since the original Galaxy S, which featured amazing colors and a digitizer that was integrated into the glass, giving the user the feeling that he or she was touching the interface itself. And with every new Galaxy device, the Super AMOLED technology has gotten better. The displays can be a bit oversaturated, but they become fairly accurate when used in professional mode.

Unsurprisingly, the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is even better than the previous versions. What, though, is just how well it performs in testing. DisplayMate put the Galaxy S5′s screen to the test and came away with some amazing conclusions. Not only is the S5′s display far better than its predecessors in pretty much every way, it’s also the best display that Displaymate has used.

According to the reports, the Galaxy S5 is the most accurate display ever tested on a smartphone or tablet when in Cinema mode. That’s an incredible feat considering that AMOLED tech has been known for being somewhat inaccurate. The S5′s display is also 22 percent brighter than the one found on the Galaxy S4 and 12 percent brighter than the Galaxy Note 3′s screen.

The Galaxy S5 also features a super dimming mode that can it make its screen very dark when necessary. According to DisplayMate’s testing, the display on the S5 is 27 percent more efficient than the one found on the S4. AMOLED is already a very efficient technology, so this should give the Galaxy S5 some amazing battery life.

With such a glowing review of its display that’s supported with testing, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Galaxy S5. I adore AMOLED and the Galaxy Note 3′s display blew me away, so I am very excited to check out the screen on the Galaxy S5. What are your thoughts on this? Is AMOLED finally ready to take over LCD?

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Source: DisplayMate

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