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Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch with over $500 in premium content

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the gift that keeps on giving. Anyone who buys the Galaxy S5 this April will be treated to a handful of premium content that includes game credits, newspaper subscriptions, cloud storage and more.

Hardware manufacturers partnering with content providers and app developers to offer free or subsidized services is nothing new. But Samsung is clearly upping the ante here. Between the apps and app subscriptions S5 owners will have access to, consumers will be treated to some $500 worth of software and services. According to the Samsung Galaxy Gifts website, the list of “long-term subscriptions and premium services” includes:

  • Runkeeper: 1-year premium subscription ($20 value)
  • Lark: 1-year premium subscription ($36 value)
  • Skimple: 6-month premium subscription ($42 value)
  • Map My Fitness: 6-month premium subscription ($36 value)
  • Wall Street Journal: 6-month subscription ($160 value)
  • Bloomberg Businessweek+: 1-year subscription ($30 value)
  • Paypal: $50 in special offers when buying from your favorite stores using Paypal
  • LinkedIn: 3-month premium subscription ($75 value)
  • Blurb: $5 coupon to create your own book
  • EasilyDo Pro: Free download ($5 value)
  • Cut the Rope 2: $10 of in-game credit
  • Flick Dat: Free download ($2 value)
  • Box: 50GB extra storage for 6 months ($60 value)
  • Bitcasa: 1TB extra storage for 3 months ($30 value)
  • Evernote: 3-month premium subscription ($15 value)

Whether or not Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts promotion will sway any consumers on the fence remains to be seen. But we imagine those who were already set on purchasing the Galaxy S5 will be excited. The free WSJ subscription and Box storage alone look enticing to us. Although we do wish the subscriptions would be longer. See anything in the list that interests you?

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Source: Samsung

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